Business Process Outsourcing

Our clients should be able to optimise their business through collaboration and partnership. Business Process Outsourcing from Phoenix Biz Solutions allows your business to focus on what’s important: growth and adaptability, leaving the organisation and processing to us.


We implement and manage the latest B2B technology so our clients don’t have to build their own infrastructure and invest in resources to manage it. We provide the support and services to enable you to expand your trading arena quickly. Phoenix Biz Solutions can manage and support all aspects of your B2B projects, including trading partner enablement, day-to-day operations and day-to-day reporting, with support available 24/7.

Perks & Flexibility

Process outsourcing saves on the cost of hardware, software and infrastructure, minimising your company overheads and maximising your business processing’s economic efficiency. 

It’s Effective

We come on board with ERP systems tailored to your business processes, the right set of integrations with your business partners, and to top it all off the Phoenix Biz Solutions team will manage the entire process for you.

You’re The Boss

You are always in the driving seat with full access to the system reports, data and processes triggers on run time. We will follow your protocols and change our ERP systems to match your business requirements.

Cross-Functional Support

We are experience in working with multifunctional departments and setups spread across the globe. We can be part of your end-to-end processes with our vast ERP systems and experienced management team that will adapt to your requirements and growth aspirations.



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