Repeats On

Repeats On is the complete repeat prescription solution.


The RepeatsOn engine is an automated, cloud-based prescription management solution that caters to patients, surgeries and pharmacies. Bringing these three audiences together on one platform simplifies the repeat order procedure and maximises the efficiency of the process for all parties.


Repeat prescriptions are a huge revenue stream for UK pharmacies. RepeatsOn allows patients to request and manage their multiple repeat prescriptions from the built in medication data library at intervals that suit their needs. Surgeries can then log on to the system to approve or reject prescription requests and pharmacies will receive all approved repeat orders. The entire process is documented for regulatory purposes.

Automated Reminders

RepeatsOn can send order reminders when your prescription is running low, customized to exact time requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

Pharmacies have full access to a versatile and strategically built CRM.

3D Communications

Built-in commenting and notes sharing between pharmacies, surgeries and patients.

Delivery Status Update

Patients gets full visibility of their orders right up to delivery / collection.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

RepeatsOn enables pharmacies to provide an online service that is fully responsive to mobile devices, enabling patients to easily order repeat prescriptions at their leisure.

Increased Revenue & Customer Base

RepeatsOn is an intelligent resource for pharmacies to meet the expectations of their customers. Reduce pharmacy overheads by efficiently managing the entire repeat order process online.



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