Daily Deal Engine

Phoenix Biz Solutions has years of experience in building software, applications and ERP systems for the companies who are running their own daily deal sites. Bespoke Daily Deal solutions can be developed and delivered at extremely competitive prices in surprisingly short time scales. The Daily Deal suite can be customised by you to suit their individual business rules and processes.

Third Party Access

For enhanced transparency between you and your business partners, like, merchants, data partners, suppliers, the Daily Deal solution can provide customisable limited access to merchants, data partners, suppliers or any other business associate.

Build Your Customer Base

With the help of our proprietary logic of Customer Loyalty modules you can implement multiple variants of loyalty schemes and referrals programs.

Automated Deal Feed

Our expert system developers can produce an outgoing automated Deal Feed for your affiliate market portals.

Order Management System

Deal Engine can be produced along with an inbuilt order management system, giving you full control over despatch and customer shipping alerts.


Daily Deal services can be configured to auto-produce invoices for your business relations.


Whether it’s a merchant supplier or a data supplier, business partners can have access to their own wallet to see their individual financial statements.

Deal Scheduler

The Daily Deal Scheduler can be configured to allow you to plan and set future deals as well as giving you the ability to edit current deals.



For more information or a no obligation product demo please contact: info@phoenixbizsolutions.com