Buyer / Supplier Automation

The success of business-to-business e-commerce depends on both the buyer and supplier understanding the benefits of conducting business electronically. From a buyers perspective it is clear that the degree of success of an electronic purchasing implementation is directly dependent on the level of supplier participation. Similarly for suppliers it’s very critical nowadays to be connected with a buyers electronic systems to trade digitally.


Our e-commerce solution enables local or global buyers and sellers to electronically and instantaneously connect and trade with their respective business associates in real time. This solution represents a substantial cost reduction associated with manpower and additional operating costs.

It’s Not Just You

To make the most of the e-commerce industry it’s not only you that needs to be equipped with the latest technology. Business partners, buyers and suppliers can also have access to the same technologies to maximise the efficiency of the end-to-end process. We can also work with you to educate your business partners in the importance of integrating with your new management solution. Partner enablement is the way to save on costs, save on time, and to amplify your customer satisfaction.

Open Arms

No matter what industry, region your company operates in, no matter how big your company is, we will make sure you get your associates matched with your new digital capabilities to enable them to work with you seamlessly.


Phoenix Biz Solutions gives you the chance to split the cost of our e-commerce solution between you and your partners in whatever way you see fit.

We’ll Lend A Helping Hand

We will help you migrate your information from your existing system to a new e-commerce management system that you can share with your partners.



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